SawStop ICS73230-52 Cabinet Saw With 52" Fence With an industrial 52 inch fence system and revolutionary features, it is no wonder many woodworking factories trust the SawStop ICS73230-52 Cabinet Saw With 52" Fence. This saw is fitted with the latest technology to ensure maximum machine efficiency. One of the most popular features of this SawStop is its safety system. It is a patented SawStop feature that received several awards. The safety system is engineered to detect the difference of an operator and wood. If the operator accidentally contacts the blade, the braking system will be engaged. This, in return, will cause the blade to stop and be lowered. When you switch the machine on, a diagnostic self-check ensures that the safety system is working. For power interruptions, automatic restarting is prevented by the safety system. If you don't want somebody else to use this machine, using the main power switch with lockout key will prevent or deter unwanted users. In addition to its patented safety system, it also has other safety features such as its low profile blade guard which is designed to be efficient on narrow cuts. A riving knife is included to reduce unwanted kickback, as well as additional protection when machining non-through cuts. Other features are its superior fence system, blade shroud dust collection system, precision alignment system and durable and large machine construction.

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